Gaming Stats UI

Gaming UI

Thanks to Joseph Kim for introducing me to the world of Game Design.

Here is a small chunk of work I did with the stats screen for a shooter game to be published soon.

A stats screen in a shooter game:

Player Stats: Display the player’s overall statistics, including the player’s username, level, experience points (XP), and any achievements or badges earned.

Kills and Deaths: Show the total number of kills and deaths the player has achieved in the game. This provides an overview of the player’s combat performance.

Accuracy: Present the player’s accuracy percentage, calculated by dividing the number of shots hit by the total number of shots fired. This metric reflects the player’s shooting proficiency.

Headshot Percentage: Indicate the percentage of kills achieved through headshots. This highlights the player’s precision and skill in targeting critical areas.

Win/Loss Ratio: Display the ratio of the player’s wins to losses in multiplayer matches. This metric indicates the player’s overall success in competitive gameplay.

Weapon Performance: Provide a breakdown of the player’s performance with different weapons, including the total kills, accuracy, and headshot percentage for each weapon. This helps players identify their strengths and weaknesses with specific weapons.

Streaks and Multi-kills: Showcase the player’s highest kill streak and the number of multi-kills (consecutive kills within a short time frame). This demonstrates the player’s ability to maintain momentum and achieve multiple kills in quick succession.

Time Played: Show the total time the player has spent playing the game. This gives an idea of the player’s dedication and experience.

Leaderboard: Include a leaderboard that ranks players based on their overall stats, allowing players to see how they compare to others in the game.

Progression Bar: Present a visual progress bar indicating the player’s progress towards the next level or rank. This motivates players to keep playing and rewards their efforts.

Achievements: Showcase a list of achievements or milestones the player has reached, such as completing certain challenges, unlocking special weapons, or winning specific game modes. This adds a sense of accomplishment and provides goals for players to strive for.

Back and Navigation: Include a clear navigation option to allow players to easily return to the main menu or other sections of the game.

Remember to design the stats screen with a visually appealing layout that is easy to read and navigate. Use appropriate icons, color schemes, and typography to enhance the overall user experience and make the stats screen visually engaging for the players.