Gaming Stats UI

Gaming UI

Acknowledgments: I am grateful to Joseph Kim for introducing me to the dynamic world of Game Design, igniting my passion and steering my path towards this creative realm.

Project Highlight: Within the context of an upcoming shooter game, I contributed to the development of the stats screen, a crucial component that provides players with a comprehensive overview of their performance within the game world.

Key Elements of the Stats Screen: The stats screen design encompasses various crucial metrics to offer players an insightful overview of their gameplay journey:

  1. Player Stats: Displaying the player’s username, level, experience points (XP), and achieved badges or accomplishments.
  2. Kills and Deaths: Providing an overview of the player’s combat performance.
  3. Accuracy and Headshot Percentage: Reflecting shooting proficiency and precision targeting abilities.
  4. Win/Loss Ratio: Demonstrating the player’s competitive success.
  5. Weapon Performance: Highlighting strengths and weaknesses with different weapons.
  6. Streaks and Multi-kills: Showcasing momentum and skill in consecutive kills.
  7. Time Played: Indicating dedication and experience levels.
  8. Leaderboard: Enabling comparison with other players.
  9. Progression Bar and Achievements: Motivating progression and showcasing milestones.
  10. Navigation: Facilitating easy navigation within the game interface.

Design Approach: The stats screen design prioritizes readability, ease of navigation, and visual appeal. Employing appropriate icons, color schemes, and typography, I aimed to enhance the overall user experience, ensuring the stats screen is engaging and user-friendly.

This project reflects my commitment to creating immersive and user-centric game experiences while paying meticulous attention to detail in delivering an intuitive and visually captivating stats screen for players to engage with seamlessly.

Please note that the content and layout presented here are tailored for inclusion within my portfolio, emphasizing the key contributions and design considerations made towards the stats screen of an upcoming shooter game.