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Devraj Baruah
UI/UX Design Consultant

Welcome to my portfolio. This is a small window to my everyday work, most of which I’m not suppose to publish because of the agreements that I have with most of my clients. Upon kind request, many has agreed that I can publish only a limited number of works on my website. I regret that some works are intentionally made to be blurry to keep the sanctity of the agreed terms and conditions. After decades, I thought about publishing them in the public domain, as I believe that a design based agency cannot explain itself in a better way with text whereas a few images can talk a million times better about it.

Here, you will find me saying ‘we’ or ‘our’  a dozen of times because I believe all designs you’ll see here, most of them are indeed a teamwork or created after long hours of discussions, interactions with clients, stakeholders and even collaborations with experts in the related fields and they didn’t really popped up in my dreams, overnight.

My website ‘devrajbaruah.com’ essentially works as a digital product and UX agency based in India. I do strategy, design and development across all platforms and industries. I create Digital products that people love to use, I do Branding of almost all sorts of products by applying aesthetics and behavioral science to customer experience. I design engaging products for industries ranging from tea to technology, used by millions of people. I also create websites to tell your story and I work with marketing departments of large companies and startups to deliver stunning websites.

My specialization also includes a niche for CAD/CAM user experience and user interface design. I worked with some of the best CAD/CAM companies of the world like Delcam (UK) (Now an Autodesk company), exocad (Germany) , J Morita (Japan), ModuleWorks (Germany), CamWorks ( now an HCL Technologies Product), JTB World and more.

For more information you can visit my LinkedIn profile and see all the recommendations I have from the respected individuals from different industries that I have worked with. I hope to do even more and maybe very soon would be working with you!!